Main Articles of Arts and Sciences

As defined by Wikipedia, “arts & sciences” are “the applied arts and sciences that have a wider scope than literature or the humanities.” More precisely, it is an inclusive group, which includes creative entertainment, architecture, graphic arts, music, architecture, and visual arts. Arts in today’s culture include everything from dance to sculpture to film & video. There are many areas in which arts and sciences can collaborate and share the same interests. These include visual and performing arts, science & technology, creative writing, theater arts, and visual communications. Visual Arts are those elements of the arts which create the visual object or result and are typically presented through sight, form, or any combination thereof. Visual arts include theater, opera, films, visual art, visual imagery, computer graphics, and painting. Visual art is the most dominant cultural and technological influence on society. A few of the main articles of visual arts are painting, printmaking, architecture, television, and photography. In fact, the influence of technology on modern society has led to a resurgence of interest in many of the older forms of visual arts. Architecture is one of the few branches of arts which have not undergone any significant changes in their types or techniques. While new techniques such as architecture and interior design have been developed over the past century, traditional structures, such as houses, have generally continued to remain largely unchanged. In architectural terms, the term refers to a system of building in which the construction of the building and its interior is governed by practical considerations such as space, design, and cost. A form of artistic architectural design which is less well-known is the decorative arts. Examples of decorative arts include painting and ceramics.